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Friday, October 30, 2009

Wild to mild

I was hoping to write this week about last weekend's fun with 40+ jeeps on the black diamond BullFrog Trail in Johnson Valley, California. The offroad community is currently engaged to save this beautiful OHV park of black diamond trails jeep trails and we were happy to finally have a chance to experience at least one of the trails before it may be lost forever. But...I've had an incredibly busy week and haven't finished processing the photos . Still playing catchup with a lot of things in my personal life.

And I'm on my way out the door again, this time just Bill and I for a more relaxing pace and some exploration in the northeast region of the Mojave National Preserve. I'm hoping to find some real dinosaur tracks! The Mojave Preserve is one of my favorite places to visit - spectacular rock formations, beautiful cinder cones, the singing sand dunes, the surreal landscape of the lava beds, magnificent mountains, the historic Mojave Road and its Army outposts, more abandoned mines than I think I'll ever be able to visit, and of course miles and miles of trails where you most likely will never see another person. Sometimes we people in California take a lot of this for granted - it's free, it's remote wilderness, we can camp wherever we want, and we can drive on any trail we can handle. Lots of people in other states would give anything to have what we have. So let's not take it for for granted - get out there and enjoy it, and take care of it.

Guess I'll have lots to write about next week!

The photo is the incredible sunset as seen from our camp last weekend.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm back

Just needed to focus on some other priorities in my life for a while. Sometimes that happens.

While taking care of other things I managed to let my domain name expire (auto-renewal is a MUST) and someone else scooped it up and wants a crazy price to sell it back. There goes a lot of hard work down the drain, my own fault really. After a lot of cursing and kicking myself I'm back up and running with two new domains, one for my photography website and one for my blog. Still trying to make sure I've recoded all the links and I'm working my way through my business contacts to inform them of the new addresses. LOL, of course my e-mail address was lost with my domain name. The only thing that wasn't lost was my blog. Sometimes the only way to get through things is to drink heavily and laugh heartily, then roll up your sleeves and get back to work.

I've got some great trips to write about, exciting news to share, and of course some awesome photos. For now I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that I'm hard at work behind the scenes to get everything straightened out and plan to start posting on a regular basis again. :)

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