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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jeep Night Photography

Jeep at sunset on desert playa

My silver Jeep photographs well under a full moon because it picks up the light well, but it's nice to be able to bring in some details aren't always visible under moonlight alone, especially if I want to keep the ambient light low. I like night shots to look like night shots and I'm not a fan of moonlight photos that look as if they were taken at midday.

These two images were taken during an impromptu session on a dry lake bed on a very cloudy summer night. The first was done just after sunset with a single pop from a strobe. The second was done after dark with the full moon hidden behind the clouds. It is comprised of multiple layers of light painted frames. I used a strobe to pop a flash of light where I wanted and then combined the frames in Photoshop using layer masks. It's a great technique that allows for a lot of creativity and it's fun playing around with different ways of lighting a vehicle. I had done a few with the interior of the Jeep lit up too, but my soft top windows have taken such a beating and are so scratched up that they really looked pretty bad. The trail racks, winch hoop and extra lights all cause crazy reflections and shadows so next time I plan to do this I need to bring something that will allow me to flag the lights better.

Jeep on desert playa at night under full moon, lightpainting

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