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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

O hai. I <3 teh kittehs!!1!

You know all of those really cute or weird pet photos that cause all serious photographers such angst when they get posted to photography forums? (I'm not one to talk; although I do appreciate a good image no matter what the subject, I did stop participating in one forum because it had become nothing but blurry pet photos. I'm sure it was just going through a stage with a rash of nOObs joining in, but it just wasn't fun anymore.) Bet you thought they were only good for the family photo album, didn't you? Huh?

Okay, if you haven't seen them already you really need to check out lolcats (see icanhascheezburger for the definitive site, although a google search yields over 3.8 million results). It's creative genius. I couldn't stop laughing, maybe because there's an undercurrent of truthfulness in there! It can't be described, you just have to see it for yourself.

There are huge marketing implications here.

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