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Monday, September 3, 2007

Earthquakes and Heatwaves

We had a little earthquake yesterday morning, only 4.7, but the epicenter was only about 20 miles away so it was a good little jolt. There were 13 aftershocks following, but we didn't feel any of them. I was sitting here at my computer in my home office when it hit and could see things moving, like the plant in a plant stand in my foyer. I supposed I've been here long enough now to be used to them, but still every time at that first jolt I always freeze for a minute and wonder if it's going to be a big one. I just sit there and wait to see what's going to happen. There is a fault line in the Santa Ana mountains that they say has been relatively quiet, and some people wonder if it's building up to a big one...

We're in Day 6 of a heatwave with most of the county reaching 100+ degrees. I'm glad I live on the coast and enjoy temperatures that are 15-20 degrees cooler than the rest of the county, but that still has us in the 90's. We've been spending the long holiday weekend in the pool, and went down to Dana Point to photograph the tidepools in the sunset last night. Beautiful light, low tide and a cool ocean breeze; what more could I ask for? I haven't processed the photos yet...maybe tomorrow. I'm having a lazy day.

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