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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still shaking...and a black oystercatcher

Another two shakes yesterday from that same spur on the Elsinore fault line - a 3.2 and a 3.7. More shaking is expected. Geophysicists are keeping a close eye on it and there is concern that it could jump on to the main fault line and cause a major event. The fault line is about 110 miles long and runs from Chino Hills down to El Centro. The Elsinore fault line is capable of producing a quake of a magnitude up to 7.5, which could cause tremendous damage.

It's scary stuff that really forces one to review the emergency plan. We have a pretty complete bugout kit since it is really the same gear and food we use for hiking/camping/offroading with a few additions such as the Eton FR-300 radio and extra flashlights with batteries. I have three different stoves using three different types of fuel (coleman fuel, sterno and alcohol) so we should be able to eat hot meals no matter what. I just bought some new Wedco gas and water cans for the jeep, and they need to be filled.

But the one thing that I've never been good with despite repeated attempts is a comprehensive household inventory. I have been trying to get everything entered into Quicken's Household Inventory program, but it's so tedious to track down the details and enter it into the program that I've just never caught up. And to be quite honest, I supposed it would be fair to say that we've done more than our share of acquiring "stuff" the past few years, between purchases for yet another new house, my constant desire for more photography gear, assorted electronics, outdoor gear, you name it. I've been telling myself that I need to photograph everything and make it a part of the records, but it just hasn't happened yet...no excuses. At least I did finally get our important papers put in an ammo can; water- and fire-proof, and unlike a safe, it's portable. (That was Bill's idea.)

While I was photographing the sunset at Dana Point last weekend I to add another bird to my life list - a Black Oystercatcher (haematopus bachmani). Although not endangered, they are listed as a "Species of High Concern" on the US Shorebird Conservation Plan and they are on the Audubon Society Watchlist.
Sightings in this part of California are not very common since this is not their breeding range, but it's not out of the ordinary.

This is an eye-catching bird:

I do believe it only had one leg.

I really have been slacking off lately because I've been so focused on the jeep! I want everything on Phase I completed in time to hit the desert in October. I have my heart set on doing Mojave Road in October. Last week my Shrockworks Stubby front bumper came in, so we picked up the Warn winch and Bill installed all of that for me. It looks so good and I started getting compliments on it immediately. Saturday we went to a big Meet-and-Greet with 40+ other jeep JK owners at OffRoad Evolution in Fullerton. We had a lot of fun checking out the mods on all of the other rigs, although most were still in various stages of their build. We talked to the owner, Mel, and put the plan together for the lift; we're going to do a 3" Full Traction Ultimate and we're also going to regear. Not sure yet if we're going to do 4.88 or 5.13; I'll let Mel tell me which will be better.

I also finally decided on tires and wheels, so they are on order and can go on as soon as the lift is done. And then Phase I will be complete. There is no real Phase II, just a long list of things that it would be cool to add or modify some time in the future.

I will get out with the camera this weekend! I have a great idea for last Friday's dgrin assignment that I'm really excited about, I just need the weekend time for execution.

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