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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Death Valley Trail Report

Yep, still making promises I can't keep!

We spent November 10th and 11th on a fun-filled weekend with the local contingent of Project-JK jeep folks for some mild offroading and wild sightseeing through Death Valley. We started out on Cerro Gordo (a.k.a. Yellow Grade) Road in the town of Keeler, California and made our first stop in the ghost town of the old Cerro Gordo Mine.

From there we took Saline Valley Road to Lippincott Mine Road. We camped near the Racetrack so we could grab sunset and sunrise photos, then took Racetrack Road to Teakettle Junction. At the Junction we turned onto Hidden Valley/Hunter Mountain Road. After airing up on 190, we swung by the Trona Pinnacles on the way home for another fantastic photo op. With a storm on the horizon, the lighting couldn't have been better.

I'm not going to post a full trip report here because I wrote one up for the Project-JK site (which is only part of the reason why I'm late posting here), so please visit www.project-jk.com and you can see my full trail report under Project-JK Death Valley Racetrack Run 2007.

I focused on processing and uploading photos for the trail report, and I still have many more photos from the Racetrack and the Trona Pinnacles to process for myself (in addition to some great shots I got last weekend) which will be posted in separate galleries. For now, you can view the gallery of trip photos here.

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