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Monday, May 19, 2008

Go hard or go home

volleyball on edge of pool

The Neverending Ultimate Frozen Margarita Volleyball Championship season kicked off early this year with a few new teams for added fun and competition.

As our friend Ed said, sometimes things happen for a reason. Traditionally we would have been spending this weekend at the Doheny Blues Festival on the beach in Dana Point with Ed and Mary, a really cool way to celebrate Bill's birthday without celebrating a birthday. But this year the Gold Level tickets sold out early (and g.a. just wasn't an option with the crowds and portapotties) and Bill was pretty bummed about it. As it turned out, an early heatwave hit this weekend and we would've been miserable sitting out in the sun all day partying at the festival, the lineup wasn't that great this year anyway, and Omega Events rudely refused to answer my many requests for information concerning what lenses they would allow me to bring this year (I blame it all on B.B. King). Instead we spent the weekend at home in Bill's favorite way - with good friends, beer on ice, the blender going, plenty of food (of course) and non-stop volleyball in the pool. Even with lots of team switching Bill won every match he played Saturday, but I think Marina and Natalia wore him out (all of that young energy!) because by Sunday he didn't have much game left! The Willis' soundly kicked our butts every time! Haha, just a good excuse for a rematch.

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