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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dead Pool

So here's the thing. I've been working on prepping my files to submit to PhotoShelter, keeping an eye on the image requests and the regular stock needs updates and I notice that they are looking to fill the gap for nationally recognized musicians. I've got some great photos of some music legends, so I chose a few and start prepping them. As I'm doing this I'm checking out the musicians' websites and realize that the live performance photos they all have are really not the greatest photos. Some of them are pretty bad. What's with that?

Anyway, as I'm working on my images the thought comes to me that these people are all in their mid-70's to early 80's, and the real value of my images would best be realized if they were to die. Seriously. Right now everyone is looking for images of Tim Russert. If you have a good photo of Tim Russert you're sitting on a mini gold mine.

So for a minute there the evil, business-minded part of me secretly hoped that one (or all) of these guys would croak so my photos became more valuable. But then I remembered how much I enjoy listening to their music, how absolutely awesome these guys are in a live performance still at their age, and how I could only wish to have that much energy and enthusiasm at that age. And I realized that I'd rather have them still around so I could continue to enjoy the gift they have to share with us. God bless them.

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