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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A good shake

I was all set to post another photo today, and then the earthquake hit. Although originally reported as a 5.8, looks like the final official report is a 5.4 near Chino (or Diamond Bar, depending on whether you consult USGS or Caltech), although it was interesting to watch how the USGS continual changed both the magnitude and the location of the epicenter, and Caltech was not in agreement with either for quite some time. There were close to 50 aftershocks afterward, one a 3.8 but most much smaller. I'm not surprised it took them a while to sort it all out.

After it hit and I calmed myself down (every time you have to wonder if this is "The One" that they say is coming), Bill called to make sure I knew to check for a gas leak and walk through the house looking for damage. Then of course there was talking to friends for the next few hours and seeking out information as to how bad it was at the epicenter, which is about 45 miles from here. Thankfully there was no damage even at the epicenter, just a power outage and some small stuff like things knocked off of shelves and fallen ceiling tiles. So with all of that excitement here I am, no photo post. But for the benefit of my family and friends on the other side of the country and other parts of the world, everything is fine. It was a good couple of jolts followed by what felt like endless rolling, but no damage to person or property. It was honestly the scariest one since I've lived here, I can't lie about that. Not only was it stronger, it certainly lasted much longer than any we've had recently. But no damage, thank God. It was a good warning to stay alert and a good reminder to review our emergency plan and double check the bugout kits.

Nothing after the jump. More photos tomorrow!

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