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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Searching for the light

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Been feeling a bit uninspired lately. This week is PhotoShelter's Shoot! The Day and I was really excited to see a group form in Orange County. I had already joined the L.A. group, but I thought it would be great to hang with some local people. So while the L.A. group got a big group together to do a shoot, complete with media coverage, in true O.C. fashion the Orange County group did...nothing. The group leader never showed his face after creating the group and no one seem to want to commit to anything. Actually, they all just faded away. I know I shouldn't have actually expected anything, that really is the way things go around here. An Orange County flikr group started up a few months ago so I checked on them. At their last scheduled meeting apparently not one single person showed up.

So I guess that bummed me out because I was pretty excited about the whole thing. I should've made the trek up to Venice Beach to join the L.A. people, my own fault. Between that and this darn marine layer that just doesn't seem to want to leave this year...I kinda feel like the light post in the photo above. And every time I look at that image I get this uneasy feeling that it is backwards. I've been half-tempted to flip it, but then again I think the uneasy feeling goes along with what I want the photo to say.

The photo is actually one I took while working on Nikolai's assignment this week to photograph one of our hometown's street light...in it's environment and in a way that says something about the street light. Although this has been my favorite so far, it doesn't make the cut because I have no surroundings in the image. I'm sure that every one in town thinks I'm crazy because I've been running around looking for a street light in just the right surroundings. Normal people don't understand why we would want to photography a street light, no matter how you try to explain.

But the weekend is coming. Friday night with friends, Sunday with friends...that will recharge my batteries!

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