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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hero

I was sitting in the backyard getting a little sun, enjoying a cold drink and watching the hummingbird dogfights when all of a sudden one of the Anna's started going crazy right behind my head. For a minute I didn't think anything of it - it's not unusual for one of them to do a flyby and buzz my hair and sometimes they'll come right up to my face and do a little hummingbird dance. Not sure whether it's because they're grateful that I feed them, or if they're being aggressive and telling me to get away. Probably the latter, but I like to think they're just playing with me.

But this one was being extremely vocal and seemed to be trying to get my attention. When I turned to look I saw the biggest snake sneaking right up behind me. At least 3.5 feet, I think closer to four. At first I thought it might be a garter snake, but after doing a little more research I'm pretty certain that it was a California Kingsnake in the striped phase that is common to the coastal areas of southern California. They're not venomous, so I quickly ran to grab my camera but of course it had already disappeared into the brush on the hillside.

So I took a quick snap of one of my hummingbirds (even though the light was at it's back and I really know better), and I promised to stop complaining that lately the feeder needs to be refilled daily as long as they keep warning me that snakes are sneaking up behind me.

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