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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Test your color IQ

Ready for a little fun? How well can you distinguish slight variations in hue? I came across a link on a forum today for Xrite's "Test Your Color IQ". Get ready for a headache and blurry eyes!

I just calibrated my monitor two days ago so I have nothing to blame it on but my own eyes. I scored a 12 (zero is perfect) and I'll take it because my eyes are tired and bloodshot right now and the highest (worst) score for my age group is 1209. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow with fresh eyes.

I find it helps to move back from the monitor to better detect the slight variations. And I don't recommend trying it if you don't calibrate your monitor. Or maybe you should try, and understand why you should calibrate your monitor if you're going to use it for editing photos.

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