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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deconstruction Theory

I had spent the entire summer focused solely on my stock portfolios, not even shooting as much as I would have liked because I was so tied down in processing (a different way for each agency), uploading, keywording (a different way for each agency), and combing through my archives. When one of my agencies, PhotoShelter, gave little warning that they were closing the doors it woke me up to the fact that I had been neglecting other areas of my photography and my business. One of the most important things I had been neglecting was my website. I started putting the rough skeleton together, but never really fleshed it out because I was so focused on my stock portfolios. I allowed myself to be distracted from one of the most important components of my business plan.

Along with the redesign is more refinement of my business plan. Actually, the business plan comes first and the website redesign follows. Lots of time spent soul searching on that one, and I'm not the type to think out loud. But it is critical that a website support the business plan.

So I ask you to bear with me as I work through the redesign. One of my biggest stumbling blocks in thinking it through is whether to have separate sites for each of my areas, or combine everything together and still make it work. Right now I am working on the idea of having stock, fine art, and of course my jeep adventures all under one roof because that's who I am. But structuring it to make it a workable format takes some thought, and since I'm learning the coding on the fly it can take me a while to figure things out. From time to time things may look a little out of place until I am finished.

I have some really exciting stuff coming up soon; unbelievable seats for the Ducks game next week that should allow me to remain within the 6" limitation on a lens; taking 20+ newbies on their first rockcrawling adventure in Anza-Borrego in a few weeks; I've been invited to the Bickel Camp to learn how to pan for gold and see some amazing California history; and we'll be heading down to San Felipe for the Shrimp Festival next month, just for starters. My head is down and I am hard at work to get my website finished so I can get back to shooting the things I love to shoot best.

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