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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ducks vs. Oilers - Up Close

Okay, so the Ducks lost again. It was still a fun, action-packed game that kept us on the edge of our seats and I had a great time last night.

Friends of ours introduced us to the great sport of hockey last night with the most incredible seats! Believe it or not, despite having lived in Detroit for a while, which has to be one of the biggest hockey cities in the nation, we have never been to a game. We always considered ourselves football fans. After last night I think I can say that hockey has officially replaced football as my favorite sport. Of course, it didn't hurt that our seats were in the second row on the ice and the action was right in our faces as players slammed into the glass.

I thought I was smart by contacting the Honda Center ahead of time to make sure I could bring my camera with my 24-70 lens. There is a 6" limit on lenses, and the 24-70 comes in at 5.5", right?. I didn't count on the security guard realizing that it was a zoom lens and that they would measure it fully extended (guess I just had a blonde moment about that). So sure enough, at the gate I was sent back to the car with my camera (it was deja vu all over again). But...I just happened to have my hated piece of garbage point-and-shoot in my purse for some reason.

I know, I've been complaining about that p&s forever and first vowing to buy a G-9, now a G-10. But two weeks ago the money went to replace the rear drive shaft on my jeep, and I need longer shocks, and I need to relocate the muffler...

The shutter lag was about to kill me when I tried to get action shots, the zoom function is amazingly slow, I noticed a strong tendency to backfocus, I had to shoot through scratched up plexiglas, and when you're used to shooting manually it's very frustrating to not be able to manipulate your shutter speed, but I think I finally figured out how to enjoy the funkiness and work with the limitations to do what I could. All I know is that as I sat here reviewing the photos this morning I was thinking that I really wish I had the camera that was left back in the car because we were in a prime location for catching the action.

More pics after the jump.


  1. Ducks are 0-4? Ouch! Red Wings are at least 2-1 out of 4 games played but they look like pee-wee's playing. So you moving back to Detroit would be very rash just to get-in a good game. Did you happen to see what that rocket scientist/lead singer of Def Leppard did with the Stanley Cup? If not see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npwMdSWSeZI

    My first time here and have to say you make great images. Take care for now and peace to you and yours.
    Ray Anthony

  2. Ray, what a nice surprise to have you stop by! I hadn't seen that clip, thanks for the link. Ah, what do they know, they're just soccer boys ;)