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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well I had a post all planned and nearly finished last night, thought I would just have to hit the "Publish" button this morning after one last quick proof. Instead, when I sat down to my computer at 7:30 this morning I found out I had been hacked. Someone decided to help themselves to a new Macbook Pro courtesy of my PayPal business account, which was unfortunately linked directly to my checking account. I found out when UPS sent me the automated shipping notice, but when I logged in to track the shipment I saw that it had already been delivered (you were two days too late UPS, although I still appreciate the notification because it was the only way I knew that I had a problem).

So I went into panic mode and immediately got PayPal on the phone to put a freeze on my account and file a claim. Then got Bank of America on the phone to notify them and file a fraud affidavit. Then of course there was checking all of my other accounts, changing user id's and passwords, placing a fraud notice with the credit agencies, and filing a police report. And I had some e-mail dialogue with the seller, who was extremely helpful. I'm not going to publish his name (or that of his business) quite yet, but he provided some very helpful information. That tied up my entire day (and I realized at 5pm that I hadn't stopped to eat all day!). My biggest concern was making sure it didn't go any further.

I have heard bad things about PayPal customer service from other people, but I've got to hand it to them. I just checked my account and the money is back, should be transferred back to my checking account tomorrow. And Bank of America's customer service department is always top notch. I've also got to give a shout out to the Orange County Sheriff Department because the officer who took my report was first class. All of you made this much easier than I was afraid it was going to be.

I guess that sooner or later they're going to get you no matter how vigilant you think you are. The key is to make sure you do business with companies that protect their customers. My faith in the companies that I do business with has been strengthened because of the way they handled this situation.

That's all for now. I am really worn out.

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