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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Using Wordles as an SEO tool

I'm still working on wrapping up the photos and research from our trip to the Black Mountain Rock Art District. Needed to take a break from editing and decided to create a Wordle from my December blog posts.

Wordles are fun; you can point it to any web page to pull the words (or you can type words in manually). You can play around with the shape of the cloud, edit the font, and use custom colors (like I did here to match my blog). One hint, if you want to save it you will need to do a screen print and paste your Wordle into an image editing program.

I also find Wordles useful as a tool. I like having a graphic representation of the words I used most frequently during my last posts. It lets me see what I've been talking about, know if I'm obsessing over the wrong thing, and lets me think about the effect of those words on my SEO. For example, I can see that I've used the words photographer, photographers, photographing and photography, and I can also see that most of the other words are about the subjects I like to photograph. I had created a Wordle a few months ago and wasn't happy about the results. That led me to realize that I needed to pay more attention to the topics of successive posts to make sure that my front page wasn't overly populated with words that won't generate the search results I desire.

So next time you need a break, have some fun and give it a try. Does your blog Wordle say what you want it to say? Feel free to post a link here to share your Wordle.

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  1. Lori -
    I love playing with words! I followed your path to wordle and pointed it at my blog. I hope you don't mind, but I've posted my wordle too. You've been focused on photography and making much needed statements about people not treating our wild lands with respect. Apparently I've been focused on our snowy weather here in the northeast.

    --- Denise

  2. Hi Denise, so great to see you here! I don't mind at all, I'm pleased that you liked it and found a use for it.I'm heading over right now to take a look at yours!


  3. Hi Lori, I picked this up via Denise's Blog, great fun and useful too.

  4. Thanks Caroline, I'm glad you enjoyed it!