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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flying Cloud

Saw this Airstream Flying Cloud trailer parked on a ridge overlooking an expanse of nothingness when we took a short detour to the Houser Geode Beds near Wiley's Well near the east end of the Bradshaw Trail in the Sonoran Desert. I love that even the new models have a vintage, retro look about them. Here in California where hippies are alive and flourishing, I can't help but smile every time I see an Airstream trailer, and maybe sing a little Grateful Dead.

Near by is the Mule Mountain Long Term Visitor Area, where for the price of $180 snowbirds can park their trailers for up to seven months (September 15 - April 15). There was a good sized crowd when we drove by. Now if I were going to set up home in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn't want to be surrounded by a crowd of people. I supposed it's a cheap way to go if you're living a nomadic life and still crave the company of others. But in my book, the owner of this Flying Cloud did it right.

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