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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mojave Moonrise

Mmoonrise over Ivanpah Mountains in the Mojave Desert, California, USA

Red rock moon rises...
my spirit is like the wind
the coyote sings

Moonrise over the Ivanpah Mountains with the shadow of Teutonia Peak creeping up on me...time to start heading back in the direction of camp if I don't want to be out that far away after dark (I prefer to be within screaming distance of camp when I'm wandering in the desert solo at night). Making the most of it when I'm caught without the lens I want, I was drawn to the simple lines and near-symmetry of this composition. It reminded me of a haiku. :)

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  1. I probably should note that my comment about needing to be within screaming distance of camp was somewhat tongue in cheek - we use Motorola radios when I wander off solo...just in case...since I can be a bit of klutz at times. :P