Lori Carey Photography

Monday, July 11, 2011

Modern Rock Art

Graffiti on rocks at hang gliding/parasailing launch zone off South Main Divide/Killen Truck Trail in Cleveland National Forest, California, USA

Thanks to T for reminding me yesterday that I have been extremely negligent in blogging. I got involved in a project that consumed my every waking moment for a few months. While I still got out to do personal shooting, I fell behind on processing, uploading and blogging. Time to play a little catch up.

The other weekend we took a ride out South Main Divide/Killen Truck Trail in the Cleveland National Forest on our way to explore a canyon in 100 degree heat (and I realized that hiking in 100 degree heat with a 20 pound pack on my back makes me cranky!). Although I've been out this way many times in the past I still try to challenge myself to see things with fresh eyes. This graffiti covered rock caught my eye as I continue to draw parallels between ancient and modern day rock art.