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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am surely up for Worst Blogger of the Year Award, not really sure why I've had such a problem with it lately other than just a hard time balancing everything (and in all honestly, not wanting to draw attention to my site while I work through cleaning up the mess I've made of it over the past couple years), but during this season of giving thanks I'd be remiss if I didn't take the time to thank Chase Jarvis and BronImaging for the incredible prize I won during the Chase Jarvis Live episode featuring Macklemore and Chryde. I won a Broncolor Senso Light Kit worth $4,390 and after a year in which I had to replace a camera, my computer tower, then one of my monitors, my router, my modem, a new laptop, $1000+ of repairs and upgrades to my jeep...well let's just say that winning a prize this nice was a very sweet surprise.

Here's a quick phone snap of what the kit looks like (no hipstamatic here haha!) -

The kit comes with a Senso A2 power pack, 2 Litos lamps, the 28x28 Flex softbox and a sync cable all in a very nice carrying case. It is gorgeous! It looks great and I can tell it will easily stand up to the type of abuse my gear usually ends up taking. Even my husband commented on how well it's made.

I will post some photos taken with the kit next week after I get back from the desert, which is where I'm headed at some ungodly hour of the morning tomorrow...again (sleep is overrated).

I'm grateful that so many knowledgeable people in this industry are willing to freely share that knowledge. The knowledge, inspiration and motivation I get every time from watching Chase Jarvis Live is enough of a gift, winning this prize was over the top. Thank you Chase Jarvis and BronImaging. If you've never checked out Chase Jarvis Live (#cjLIVE), I highly recommend it. I guarantee you'll get a serious dose of inspiration and motivation.

About the lack of blogging - I've come to realize that when I try to be everything to everyone, I end up being not enough to anyone, most of all myself. Time for me to rearrange some priorities.

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