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Thursday, January 26, 2012

From the archive

Sailboat in fog, Dana Point, California

This shot had been sitting on my hard drive for years with the designation "working", which means I think it has potential but I'm not quite convinced that I'm going in the right direction with the processing and I want to relook at it with a fresh eye at a later point in time. As newer images started taking precedent I forgot all about this one.

I'm in a high-key kinda mood today because it's finally sunny and warm so I took it out and reworked it. This was shot at the inlet in Dana Point in the direction of the sun in a heavy marine layer/fog and I felt that the sailboat needed a little burning in to bring out some detail. This morning I realized that I had gone too far with the burning, so I deleted those layers and reworked it with a lighter touch and now it has exactly the dreamy look I had envisioned.

That is why I always save my layered PSD files, it makes it so easy to go back and rework an image.

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