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Monday, January 9, 2012

Lone Pine Dawn

Dawn at Lone Pine Peak and the Alabama Hills

When I found a campsite 4500 ft above the valley floor and directly across from Lone Pine Peak in the Alabama Hills I knew this was where I wanted to wake up the next morning, so I quickly set up camp and said a prayer that I'd be able to find my way back in the dark. (Bill is a terrible co-pilot and he's the first to admit it. He can't read a gps to save his life and he really doesn't do well with land navigation, so route finding is always my responsibility). The trail up here here dropped down a little ledge and someone built a fire ring directly beneath the ledge and next to a large boulder, leaving people with the choice of driving over the fire ring or squeezing between the ring and boulder. I figured that was enough to make most people turn around at that point and leave us to ourselves while down below it was semi-crowded, and I was right.

Nothing better than being lazy and shooting sunrise right from camp...except having hubby bringing me hot coffee while I was perched out on the rocks.

I didn't quite get the alpenglow I was hoping for, and again with the boring sky (!), but I love this shot I took at first light.

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