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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pelicans' Flight, Salton Sea

Three California Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis californicus flying low over the Salton Sea

This is my favorite image so far this year. I've been feeling the need to stretch in new directions. To be able show not just what you see but how it made you feel is one of the toughest and most agonizing challenges of photography..and then you wonder if anyone will 'get' it.

During my last visit I was mesmerized by the birds flying in formation just mere inches over the Salton Sea, reflections in the water, the mist rising, just a bare hint of the mountains in the background. Time stops for me during moments like that.

I had an idea how I wanted the final image to look and when it finally came together for me in post it was like an epiphany. I shared it on G+ last week and not only did people 'get' it, one man put into words exactly what I hoped to convey with the image - "a wonderful, serene, visually quiet impression about what must have been a sublime, but simple and quiet moment, for photographer and subject...". Thank you my new friend, to have someone be able to put into words what I can't find the words for myself...that connection is what it's all about and means everything to me. (And I hope you don't mind that I quoted your words since you posted them publicly on G+).

Since I like this image so much I decided to offer some special pricing on it for a limited time. I'm offering it in two sizes; 8x8 and 16x16, and three formats; standard lustre and metallic prints and a ready-to-hang float-mounted metal print (printed directly on aluminum with incredible luminescence and detail).

Lustre $15.95
Metallic $19.95
Metal Float $74.95

Lustre $67.95
Metallic $74.95
Metal Float $149.95

You can view a larger size image and purchase a print here.

I'll be heading out to Anza-Borrego tomorrow to meet up with some fantastic photographers I met through G+ and I'm looking forward to sharing some great night photography when I return.

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