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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Borrego Springs Sky Art

Night photo of Giant Eagle sculpture by Ricardo Bracedo for the Galleta Meadows Sky Art installation.

I've always wanted to photograph the giant metal sculptures by Richard Braceda that are scattered throughout the desert in Borrego Springs and I finally had my chance last month to do some night photography. These sculptures are impressive enough during the day but at night they almost seem to come alive.

Galleta Meadows owner Dennis Avery commissioned Bracedo to create many large metal sculptures for display on the open desert property he owns in Borrego Springs, California near Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. He graciously allows the public to wander his private property to view the sculptures and enjoy the desert scenery. The original group of sculptures represented native animals that roamed these lands many years ago, later sculptures were added to reflect the history of the area, and the most recent are whimsical in nature. There are currently over 120 sculptures throughout the Borrego Valley.

The Giant Bird with a rattlesnake in its talons seen in the image above has a 30 foot wing span and is 24 feet from beak to tail. The Tyrannosaurus rex seen below is 20 feet tall. Since there were six of us all trying to shoot at the same time we were a bit limited in what we could do because we had to take turns and leave room for each other. Some of my friends have done incredible star trail shots here in the past but I was happy to do some light painting with shorter exposures. The top photo was done using my favorite warm light flashlight and the bottom photo was light painted by someone else using a colder light.

Night photograph of Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture by Ricardo Braceda for the Galleta Meadows Sky Art installation.

There are many really cool sculptures there and I'm looking forward to adding more photos of the Sky Art to my collection soon. If you want to visit the sculptures in person you can get a map of the locations on the Galleta Meadows website.

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