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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dancing under the Super Moon in Slab City

Supermoon of 5 May 2012 rising over the Kama Sutra Tank, aka the Sex Tank, in Slab City behind Salvation Mountain in Niland, California

Last night my friend J. Rae and I made a crazy run out to the desert to photograph the Super Moon. Most of our photographer friends were in Yosemite to photograph the moonbow and since we couldn't think of anything interesting that was local, she proposed heading out to Salvation Mountain and Slab City in the desert near Niland. I threw my gear in the car mid-afternoon and headed out and I'm really glad that we're both crazy enough to do things like that. I got a lot of great photos, there are so many interesting things to photograph out there, but I got home so late last night (or I should say early this morning) that I only processed this one so far. It was a long night (actually the night seemed short but the drive home was endless!), but a lot of fun and very worth it.

This photo is the Super Moon over the Kama Sutra tank, aka the Sex Tank, in Slab City just a little ways behind Salvation Mountain. I just love the way the figures seem to be dancing in the moonlight. It is two exposures, one properly exposed for the moon and a longer one for the foreground, combined with layer masking.

We did a little shooting around Slab City before sunset, then after the tank we moved back to the front of Salvation Mountain to capture the moon rising behind the mountain, then moved on to do more night photography. Full moon nights aren't good for star trails, but they are outstanding for ambient light night photography.

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