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Friday, May 18, 2012

A sign of things to come...

Signs at Slab City, a squatters' camp on an abandoned military base in the desert outside of Niland, California. Slab City, known as the Last Free Place in America, has seen a large increase in population due to the current economic situation of the US and California.

After auditioning as a guest curator for a little while I have been asked to officially take over as co-curator along with Jonathan Davis for Sign Sunday on GooglePlus. I'm excited about taking on a greater role in the G+ community and having the opportunity to meet and interact with even more photographers. If you're on G+ add our page +Sign Sunday and join in the fun by posting your photos of interesting or funny signs using the hashtag #SignSunday. If you are not on G+ and you are a photographer, what are you waiting for? G+ is without a doubt the most vibrant, active and friendly community for photographers of all genres. If you are new to G+, participating in themes is a great way to meet other photographers and make new friends. If signs aren't your thing check out the Daily Photography Themes page and see what else is going on.

The photos I've posted here today are some of the signs at Slab City, a squatters camp on an abandoned military base in the desert outside of Niland, California near the south end of the Salton Sea. Residents of Slab City call it The Last Free Place in America. Some people live here because they prefer to live off the grid, others are here because they have no where else to go. There is no running water or electricity. It's a funky place in the middle of nowhere filled with fantastic outsider art, an internet cafe, a library, even a golf course. This article in Time magazine gives a great description of what it's all about - Slab City, Here We Come: Living Life off the Grid in California's Badlands

AirRacket is the local band that plays at the range. J. Rae and I could hear them playing while we were doing the Supermoon shoot at Salvation Mountain. I could listen to this bluesy music all night long.

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