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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Empty Nests

Empty nest

It's been really windy here lately and the other morning I found a brand new sparkling clean bird's nest floating in the pool beneath the palm tree. I fished it out and put it out to dry, then later that day I fished out another brand new nest. I don't know why birds build nests in the palm trees, they aren't very stable and there isn't much shelter. I'm fairly certain one of these belongs to the pair of Oriole's that are always in the tree but my best guess about the other would be the mockingbirds. The Orioles didn't learn their lesson because sure enough they are out there stripping strands from the palm fronds and appear to be building a new nest in the same place. When I looked up this morning I saw what looked to be the silhouette of a nest on a downward sloping palm frond.

Empty bird's nest #2

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