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Monday, September 3, 2012

Last weekend of summer...

Beautiful clouds at dawn at the San Clemente Pier

Even though sunrise light is very hit or miss on a west coast beach it's still my favorite time of day to be there...no one around except the surfers, some joggers and a few workers getting everything ready for the crowds...I like to watch the world wake up. Every once in a while if I'm lucky and not socked in with fog, even though it's rare to get good color I might get some really cool clouds.

I'm selfishly glad that the official summer season is over; we'll still have summer-like weather here for at least another month or so but without the crowds and traffic and I'll actually be able to find a parking space close to my destination again. And hopefully soon we'll have some relief from the marine layer that has been hovering since March this year, making it more worthwhile to head to the beach for sunrise and sunset. All of my best beach sunsets were taken during the winter months.

This is technically an HDR image. The sun had only been up for a few minutes so the foreground was still quite dark, requiring multiple exposures. I'm not a big fan of overdone HDR for landscapes, especially ones that are oversaturated and have glaring halos. I blend multiple exposures quite often in my work but I prefer a more subtle and realistic look.

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