Lori Carey Photography

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dawn at Taylor Lake photograph

Dawn at Taylor Lake, Picacho State Recreation Area

Some mornings begin with a whisper...

After a long hot dusty day exploring the mines and trails of the nearby Cargo Muchaco Mountains, when I finally reached the cool, verdant banks of the Colorado River I felt as if I had happened upon a mirage. It's hard to believe that this is in the middle of the Sonoran desert. We followed the trail south and when I saw Taylor Lake I knew this was were I wanted to be for sunrise. It turned out to be another cloudless California desert sunrise but with a gentle pink sky and birdsong greeting the new day, a hot cup of coffee and my camera, how could I complain?


  1. Another favorite for me. Beautiful shot!!!

    1. Thanks so much Heather! I almost missed your comment because of all the spam I've been getting hammered with recently.