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Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Debut on DrivingLine

I am very excited to announce that I have joined the team of contributors at DrivingLine. It's a fantastic automotive lifestyle publication with amazing photography and I am incredibly honored to be invited to join them as a photographer and journalist. I'll be sharing beautiful images of jeeps and trails and writing about the offroad lifestyle, everything from how-to's and tips to trail reports.

This month my story is about an offroad trip to Big Bear I recently took during a major thunderstorm - Big Offroad Adventure in Big Bear. It wasn't quite the kick-ass debut I was hoping for, but when you get rained out and your friends bail on you but you still have to come home with a story, you work with what you have. Stop by and check it out!

Next up will be some hard core trail action on Bullfrog Trail in Johnson Valley, something a little more my style. :)

Photographer and master of light Peter Tellone braved the heat to do an incredibly cool sunset portrait shoot for me out in the desert earlier this week so I would have some updated pics and I'll be on the masthead as soon as I submit my profile pic and blurb to my editor.

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