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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Black Oak

Black Oak, Highway 76

I'm not really sure why we photographers are obsessed with lone trees. When we find a beautiful one in a location that we frequently we like to shoot it over and over again. Perhaps it is because they are so iconic. I was introduced to this local favorite a few days ago while on the way to Anza-Borrego. I typically shun iconic images but now that I've met her I'm sure she'll become one of my favorites too.

On another note, I am honored to once again be included in Thomas Hawk's 2500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Google+ is the best community for photographers right now. Photos are presented beautifully, knowledge-sharing, inspiration and intelligent conversation is bar none, and like Thomas said in his blog post I have made more real life photography friends than any other social networking site. If you're not there, you should be. If you are there but having a hard time getting started (or maybe you think it's a ghost town), Thomas Hawk's curated circles include some of the best photographers who are actively involved in the community and are a great way to see what is really going on. Take a look, add one, two or all of his circles, see what it's all about and how others are using it. (If you are only going to add one circle, I am in the first one!)

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