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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ghost House, Carrizo Plain

Abandoned house and tree, Carrizo Plain

I dwell in a lonely house I know
That vanished many a summer ago...

~Robert Frost

I just returned from spending a few days out at Carrizo Plain National Monument. It's up in San Luis Obispo county and is the largest native grassland plain remaining in California, the last of the grasslands that once covered much of California. It's located between the Temblor Range to the north and the Caliente Range to the south, with the San Andreas Fault running through the middle of it. It's home to thirteen endangered species It felt so good to have a chance to shoot for myself and see things I don't get to see down this end of the state. My friend +Marc Briggs, a wonderfully talented photographer, played tour guide and showed me the best of the landscape, wildlife - pronghorn antelopes! tule elk and a great horned owl, Native American sites and many old abandoned farmsteads with old equipment still in place. On the way home I took a detour to catch the wildflowers along 138. After all of the amazing, wonderful and beautiful things we saw and photographed, he'll probably scratch his head when I say that this is my most favorite image of the trip.

If I didn't get any other photos on this trip, I would be supremely happy with this one because it is so "me". This is the image that speaks to my heart.

...hmmm, and seeing it here is making me rethink the size of my watermark, something else for my to-do list.

Click the image to see it larger (or to purchase a print!)

More photos from Carrizo Plain coming soon...


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. Now you can see why I talked this place up so much!
    Nice job on this image. Well done to keep it dark and moody.

  2. Thanks so much for playing tour guide Marc. It really is a wonderful place, I can see why you like it so much. I'm jealous that you can visit it so often!