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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Dances With Coyotes I
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We base camped a few nights at the edge of the dry lake, one of the rare times that we camped on the flats instead of tucked away in a canyon where we could shelter from the fierce Mojave winds. Every morning before dawn I would grab my camera and tripod and hike out into the brutal 25°F darkness, silent except for the crunch of my boots on the frozen ground and the occasional coyote howl.

Lone Mesquite at Dawn
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During the day we ran Jeep trails. We would get back to camp late in the afternoon, and I would wander through the dazzling gold of dried grasses and mesquite trees at the edge of the lake that shimmered in the late day light. The brilliant gold is what attracted me to the location in the first place and the reason for camping here. I would stay out long after the sun set, then head back to camp for dinner before heading back out for night sky photography. I don't usually have much time for sleeping when I'm out in the wild.

I love wandering in the desert at night.

Although it was the brilliant gold grasses and trees that initially attracted me to this location, I found myself repeatedly drawn to this majestic dead tree and I photographed it every time I went out. I guess you could say I was snagged by a snag.

Dances With Coyotes II
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  1. Trees are the rock stars of the desert. In the temperate zone they just blend in with the masses ;-)

    1. Indeed they are Marc, not to mention they are a sign that there is life-giving water in the area. And what photographer can resist a lone tree? :)

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